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S. Vijayan v. Central Bureau of Investigation

Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 – Investigation cannot be ordered on the basis of a complaint which is not supported by genuine materials. The Court must be satisfied that an offence is ‘disclosed’ by the materials produced by the complainant. (2021) 11 KCC 401

V.M. Ashraf v. State of Kerala

Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 – Can a possession certificate issued by the Village Officer be considered as a ‘valuable thing’ within the purview of Section 13(1)(d) of the Act ? (2021) 11 KCC 386

J. Rajesh Kumar v. Central Bureau of Investigation

Criminal Law – Whether exoneration of a public servant in the departmental proceeding would ipso facto constitute sufficient ground for exonerating him of the charges based on same facts in the criminal proceeding ?