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Mohanan v. District Collector

  • Building

Panchayat Building Rules, 2019 (Kerala) – Rule 25 – Construction of Mosque – With respect to the grant of a building permit for the establishment of a religious building, the authority is solely vested with the Panchayat, and the Panchayat need to consider the factual situations and other aspects that are enumerated in the Manual of Guidelines, 2005 and the amended Guidelines, 2021 before conferring an applicant with the requisites under the laws.

P.A. Johny v. State of Kerala

  • Land

Land Reforms Act, 1963 (Kerala) – Section 96 – Land Reforms (Ceiling) Rules, 1970 (Kerala) – Rule 32 – Assignments of land by Land Board – Reservation for public purposes.

V. Varghese v. Union of India

  • Order

National Highway Act, 1956 – the alignment of a highway cannot be altered at the whims and fancies of the individuals, and if the courts start interfering in such matters unnecessarily, no development would be possible, and it would materially affect the growth of the nation, apart from interfering with avowed objects and policies of the Government. 2021 (4) KCC 239